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Castle Master 3D
Developed by Korean developers AlphaCloud, Castle Master 3D is an anime style AOS type game, with elements of action RPG and RTS thrown in. This game, rated as one of the best free iPad games, will throw you into a world of action and battle. Build your army, destroy your opponents, and conquer as much as possible!
This game offers a wonderful combination of the “action RPG” and “tactics-strategy” modes of gameplay. Set in a medieval fantasy world, you have to create your own hero, build up facilities, govern people and recruit and train soldiers to spy and attack on enemies. What’s more, you can buy armor and weapons to upgrade your army, as well as learn some special combat techniques.Check out: Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityGameplay
After you create your hero, you start the game with one castle, and you have to begin upgrading from there. You are provided with an army, and it’s up to you how you manage from there on. Your map has dozens of castles scattered all over, and your objective is to conquer the maximum number of castles you can. As this is not an online multiplayer game, your opponents are all AI. All battle scenes take place in real 3D, lending justice to the title of the game. All the characters have vivid graphic detail, and have been rendered beautifully.

castle master
Moving your own character is totally under your control, made effortless by simply tapping on the terrain you want to move your character to. User interface during combat is pretty good, with all necessary icons and hotkeys displayed clearly at the bottom of the screen – you can easily choose which weapons you want to make use of by using these icons. You have the option of auto-attacking a specific target by tapping on the target, but in a crowded battle scene, it can get tough to single out a specific target.
The ultimate goal of every single combat is to defeat your enemy and capture their castle – all of it before time runs out! Keep in mind, you need to keep your hero intact at all costs; the moment your hero dies, you lose your battle, regardless of how close you might have been to winning it.Pros
There are quite a lot of things that work for the game, the quality of graphics topping the list. The graphics are nothing less than eye-catching, and all battle scenes play out very smoothly with almost negligible hiccups. The 3D environment is nice, and very vivid.
The sound track of the game is pretty good too, providing a mix of battle drum tracks. Gameplay includes fun and interesting elements such as hero upgrading, army upgrading, learning new skills and techniques, etc…
The touch screen interface is very good, making this one of the top iPad games in the market.Cons

castle master 2
For those who are used to RPG style gameplay, they will find one glaring omission in this game: lack of structural city building. Sure, you can build buildings, but you build them in a linear sequence; you cannot deviate from it. This can get pretty repetitive after a while, making the city-management configuration of the game a lackluster one.
Also, the AI battle design of the game is not up to the mark. It lacks depth, and will most certainly leave gamers unsatisfied.Verdict
On the whole, Castle Master 3D is a game which had a lot of potential, but failed to cash on it to the fullest. However, it still ranks among the best iPad games, and it wouldn’t be a bad decision to give this game a shot. If the uncomplicated storyline and gameplay does not make you want to back out, then you might as well go for Castle Master 3D – if not for anything, for the splendid graphics this game has on offer.

Clash of Clans
Strategy games which are available online seem to be garnering very high interest among gamers in the recent months, the same way casino titled games were getting popular two or three months ago. Similarly as was the norm in the past, it becomes very difficult to separate between the enormous number of games available online. Gameplay
The latest release of Clash of Clans strategy game can be easily mistaken for any other strategy game of its type. For example, another recent release of one of the best games for iPad, the Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures. Though both these games have different visual styles, the heart of both the games are building up bases in an online environment and later defending the base from rival players. This doesn’t mean that you cannot attack other bases as well. Regardless of everything, Clash of Clans remains one of the top ipad games worth playing and investing time in.See also: The RoomPros
What separates this game from the rest is that it does not consist of the tiring energy limitations which are a part of most of the best free ipad games available in the market today. Instead of that, your advancement in the game is dependent on the elixir and gold stones that you collect during your encampments, which means that you will be rewarded for dedication and hard work, which makes the gameplay that much more interesting.Cons

clash of clans
There is a problem in this system though, this process becomes equal to an energy bar. If you get very far ahead into the game, further quests will soon start asking for crazy amounts of elixir and gold stones which take days to collect. Some of these even involve removing pieces of debris from the playing fields. What can be done here is breaking down and purchasing some amount of premium currency which will speed the process up, obviously after the free stash provided at the beginning runs out. The modified design though suggests that the energy bar system is here to stay for now.
Running out of gold and elixir though does not mean that you have to wait idle for the quests to be complete. You have the option of going out and attacking the NCP goblins in the single player arenas or battling rival players on their own territories.

Verdict : The game is really fun more or less throughout, except for a few glitches like the entire battlefield not being visible as long as you haven’t deployed all the troops under you, and you also lose your total troop regardless of whether you win or lose.Clash of Clans is quite a simple and entertaining game. Quick battles can be fought out on the iPhone or iPad whenever you feel and there are numerous different units available in the game which keeps the interest going for as long as you want to play. The option of taking on the NCP Goblins also is unique and separates this game from the rest of the strategy games on the market.


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